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Very professional. Exceptional work done every time. The only place I take my vehicles. Package #4 is the best! Marco and his team will take care of your vehicle no matter how dirty it is. They do detailing too. They are amazing!

- Chris L.

I pass this car wash to and from work everyday and finally took the time to stop in and get my car washed after it was covered in snow and salt from the blizzard that just happened. Everyone at the car was was extremely friendly, but the best part is that my car came out sparkling like new. It was freezing and after 5pm and all of the workers still took the time to make sure my car was completely dry with no spots. The next day when it was light out I could see what an amazing job they did! I will be a regular at Advabced Auto Spa from now on. Family owned and they do a fabulous job.


- Anonymous Google User

Mike "The Situation" with Steve Papadam

Pictured above: Steve Pap with our frequent customer,

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

Great detailing. The staff is very nice and friendly. My car needed some serious cleaning and I couldn't be happier with how it came out.

- Marc B.


Advanced Auto Spa

747 State Route 34

Matawan, NJ 07747


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about us


Advanced Auto Spa is a family owned and operated car wash and detailing establishment founded in 2009. We have over 30 years of collective car washing & detailing experience and it shows in every vehicle we service. We are committed to providing services and products that are affordable, sustainable, and only of the highest quality.


We use MacNeil equipment, the highest quality car wash equipment on the market. Our foambrushes are better than your typical cloth brushes; they stay dirt-free and leave your car smear-free. If you're too busy to get a full car wash or detailing job, we have six self-serve vacuums you can use at any time.


Best of all, our products are biodegradable, and our car wash uses 100% filtered recycled water, making us one of the most sustainable decisions you'll ever make.