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so fresh. so clean.

The best car wash you've ever had.

All car wash services are on a walk-in basis, no appointments required!

Coming Soon:
Unlimited Wash Plans

Full Service Washes

Super Image.jpeg

Basic Wash



  • Foam Bath

  • Towel Dry

  • Interior Vacuum

  • Dashboard & Windows Wiped

super image2.jpeg

Super Wash


Includes the Basic Wash, plus:

  • Rain-X®

  • Tire Shine & Rim Cleaner

  • Extra Vacuum

  • Rubber Mats Washed (4 mats)

  • Armor-All® Dash

ext image.jpeg

VIP Wash


Includes Super Wash, plus:

  • Lava Bath

  • Ceramic (si02) Spray Wax 
    (hand applied)

  • Mats Shampooed (2 Mats)

Exterior-Only Washes

basic Image.jpeg

Exterior Wash



  • Foam Bath

  • Towel Dry

ext + Image .jpeg

Exterior PLUS


Includes Exterior Wash, plus:

  • Lava Bath

  • Rain-X®

  • Underbody Wash

  • Tire Shine & Rim Cleaner

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